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The Ultimate Cooking Attachment for iPad 

By downloading GEAR4’s free iPan app, you can cook the perfect fried egg, and subliminally enjoy the calorific treat 100% guilt free!

The aspiring chef can perfect the hazardous and tough to master art of flipping your egg for an over easy treat and total sensory satisfaction.

  • iPan handle
  • Compatible with free iPan app for iPad
  • Guilt-free enjoyment - 0 calories per breakfast!


Compatibility: iPad / iPad 2

Colours: Black

Product Code: IP400

Barcode: 50607882474

iPad 2 Icon.png

iPad 2

ipad 16gb 32gb 64gb
(1st generation)

  • iPan app compatible
  • Your iPad is transformed into the hottest culinary innovation around today
  • Download the iPan app free on the App Store


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  • ipan + ipad_thumb
  • ipan handle_thumb